Technical Stuff and Links

How do I install mods - Default Launcher

  1. Close minecraft and your launcher
  2. Download forge from here
    • Our servers use the latest version
  3. Run the installer
  4. Go to your minecraft folder:
    • Windows: Press Win+R, type %appdata%/.minecraft, and press OK
    • Mac: In the Finder, from the Go menu, select 'Go to Folder', then type: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft, and click Go
    • Linux: Go to ~/.minecraft
  5. Make a folder called mods
    • Or rename the one you already have
  6. Download the modpack from
  7. Extract it, as per your os
  8. Copy everything from the extracted folder into mods folder
  9. The installation profile should show up in your launcher from forge. If it doesn't, go to Installations and add 1.7.10-forge

How do I install mods - MultiMC

  1. Click Add Instance
    • Select 1.7.10
  2. Right click on the new instance, and click Edit
  3. In the Version page, click Add Forge, and install the latest version (NOT the one with the star, we need 1614)
  4. Go to the Loader Mods page, and click View folder in the bottom right
  5. Download the modpack from
  6. Extract it, as per your os
  7. Copy everything from the extracted folder into mods folder

NOTE: alternatively, instead of steps 4-7 you can do as follows:

  • Go to Loader mods
  • Download the modpack
  • Extract the modpack
  • Click Add mods in multimc
  • Add the mods in the extracted folder, and also add the mods in the 1.7.10 folder within the extracted folder

Raw IPs

  • Bedrock Server
    • Bedrock 1.14
    • IP:
    • Port: 25615
  • Modded Servers
    • Forge 1.7.10 -
    • Creative:
    • Survival: